HOW to ...   ALPHA 2 User's Guide

Though one of the most intuitif player on the planet, may not be always obvious how to ... do something.
This page is here to help you find what you need.

First, always remember the following:
1) Positioning the mouse cursor on an area will show a tool tip.
2) Right Clicking often open a context menu or execute a function.

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F.A.Q     Frequently asked questions

There is a window poping up saying a file is missing, where to download it ?
- Just re-install to the same folder by running Alpha2Setup.exe.

I selected convert all but it convert only 1 file ???
- The free version cannot convert multiple files, you need to register for this.

How can I screw up your skins or make my own ?
- 1) Open the "C:\Program Files\Alpha2\Skins\" folder
- 2) Copy & rename an xxx.ini file & its associated folder
- 3) Use notepad / paint to edit.
Your can then select the new skin from Control Panel ... and ready yourself to reboot :)

I edited a skin and ... hum ... how to set back the original skin ?
- 1) Open the Console
- 2) Open the folder listed as "User settings Path:" (XP=> C:\xx\xx\Application Data\Alpha2\)
- 3) Open the file named "Settings.ini" and edit the line: SKIN_FILE=C:\Program Files\Alpha2\Skins\Droid.ini
Don't change anything else or ... ready yourself to reboot :)

I (stupidly) changed other things in "Settings.ini", can you fix it ?
- No, but YOU can: just delete the file and restart Alpha 2

$7.95 is a bit steep as I am very poor, can you reduce the price just for me ?
- Yes, Go to Contribute page, enter "7.94" in the empty box at the top and click DONATE
Then, in the Paypal message box, explain how you get a free PC and net connection :)

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